This summer (2018), the Downtown Williams Lake Business Improvement Association (WLBIA) put a call out to First Nations youth to apprentice in learning about creating murals with Dwayne Davis Arts. Being of Secmepemc descent, I was chosen and given the honour to contribute my art to the community.

‘Kucwelcken’ Mural at 110 Oliver St. in Williams Lake. Photo: Lisa Bland

I began praying for a vision that would feed people’s spirits and bring awareness to the importance of the salmon and our spiritual connection to the natural world.

I felt very strongly that the image needed to embody the feminine aspects of our nature and honour the First People of this territory.

‘Kucwelcken’ is the Secwepemc word for ‘backbone’. This felt like a suitable name for the mural as clearly the salmon are the backbone of the original settlers here and all along the river.

My interpretation of the vision that came through is that all things come from the source (The Creator). Humans are the point of nature’s balance at this time and all life depends on the survival of a healthy ecosystem. All things are connected and part of the cycle of life.

Spirit is a valuable part of our existence and where I believe this vision comes from.

I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to the WLBIA, Davis Arts, and Tom Wong for this wonderful opportunity.

To see the mural, visit 110 Oliver St., on the west side of Dance in Common Dance Studio in Williams Lake.

~ Submitted by Al-Lisa Mckay of Miss White Spider Arts


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