Part of the Cariboo Regional District’s Solid Waste Info Series:

Ever feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day? Life is so busy for so many people that finding the time to deal with waste can be a challenge. Day-to-day waste that is generated in the kitchen must be dealt with weekly, but unwanted items such as clothing, furniture, toys, and kitchen/household items can easily pile up over the years. Some individuals find disposing of these items in the garbage the easiest way to manage them. Others can’t bring themselves to part with the items as they might still have a use for them one day, or they are keeping them until they have the time to repair or redesign the items.

Rather than a landfill destination or perpetual accumulation in your home, consider taking unwanted items to a local charity, outreach program, share shed, or thrift store on a monthly basis. There are always those in need who can benefit from these unwanted items.

Charity organizations often have garage sales for fundraising and outreach programs provide items to those in need. There are over 25 share sheds located throughout the Cariboo Regional District, providing opportunities for residents to drop off unwanted items and to “shop” for free. And thrift stores are often run in conjunction with a charity, providing affordable shopping and job opportunities. Many individuals who frequent garage sales, share sheds, and thrift stores are looking for items to reuse or to redesign and have the time it takes to repair or the creativity to redesign.

Alternately, you can sell or give away items yourself. There are many online opportunities to give away or sell unwanted items or you could have a yard/garage sale. Kids clothing and toys are popular items to re-sell, as they are often in good condition due to the short period of use. Selling online or in your yard can put some money back in your pocket and items can be picked up at your door step.

If you happen to have time and the interest to reuse or redesign items, there are endless articles and “how to” websites online or books at your local library to provide you with creative ideas and methodologies for how to turn one item into another. Used clothing can be transformed into trendy shopping bags, purses, or wallets; bicycle wheel rims into circular table tops; end tables into brightly coloured patio furniture; old wood into bird houses or picture frames; meat grinders or colanders into lamps; doors into headboards… the list goes on and on.

Waste wise education is delivered to students in the Cariboo Regional District; however, the CRD would like to make waste education available to everyone, as we all have the ability to change our waste handling habits for the better. For more info on Waste Wise call (250) 398-7929 or find details on WasteWise activities and events at ccconserv.org.

Join the Cariboo Regional District this year to become waste wise and make a difference. For direct access to our monthly topics “Like” us on facebook at facebook.com/caribooregion, or online at cariboord.ca, or look for our articles in your local paper.


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