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New focus and direction is on the menu at Mt. Timothy Ski Hill, with new general manager Caroline Sherrer and staff working hard to make it a stellar family destination. They are increasing the business’s recycling program, planning for structure and equipment upgrades, and working on a tube park on the ski hill.

Mt Timothy 2-WR
View from the top of Tower 3 overlooking the base area at Mount Timothy. Photo: Morgan Day

Sherrer took on the general manager job in November, and said her first season had a great start with copious amounts of really good snow.

Morgan Day, mountain operations manager, agreed. “This year was one of the best openings I’ve seen in 12 years working here: below zero temps and consistent snow is awesome,” he explained, adding that the holiday season on the hill was also one of the best he’s seen.

“One of the unique things about Mt. Timothy is you can access all the runs from one lift. For a small hill we have a good, diverse terrain. Whether you’re a total beginner or an advanced rider, there’s something there for everyone,” he said.

Oliver Berger, maintenance supervisor on the mountain, said it’s a great environment, very friendly, with lots of interaction between the ski hill family and the public. “Another unique thing is that it’s north-facing, making for better snow conditions for longer,” said Berger. “Timothy has endless tree lines and endless adventures.”

With Sherrer as general manager, a strong focus for Mt. Timothy is to support local businesses and food sources.

Mt. Timothy definitely measures up to other ski hills, according to Day and Berger, who know what they’re talking about from personal experience. For the past two years the avid skier and snow boarder have travelled to more than 70 small ski hills in BC and Alberta making promotional videos.

Morgan Day and Oliver Berger out doing some run quality assessment at Mt. Timothy.  Photo: Oliver Berger
Morgan Day and Oliver Berger out doing some run quality assessment at Mt. Timothy. Photo: Oliver Berger

“I love the smaller hills,” said Berger. “People talk to you. They’re friendly and you’re part of their family for a day.”

Another positive aspect of Mt. Timothy, said Sherrer, is there is no CEO and no shareholders making money from it. “It all goes back into the hill,” she said. “I’ve lived places where there aren’t opportunities like Mt. Timothy; this is so great to have in our back yard.”

With this great season under their belt, they’re hoping to purchase a mulcher for the summer to get the runs in shape, and do some log restoration on the lodge this summer.

Even though Mt. Timothy is remote and trucking recycling out is a significant cost, they still recycle. “We separate out recyclable bottles and are completely on board with the CRD’s new cardboard bylaw—we separate it all and truck it out,” said Berger.

He added they’re fortunate to have certified welder Jeremy Oostingon staff now, because it means their recycling efforts can expand. “We’re looking forward to being able to use some scraps from our boneyard to create new features for our terrain park,” he said.

Sherrer said the excellent snow this season is only part of their success; she feels fortunate to have such great staff, describing Berger and Day as the backbone of the hill.

“I also really appreciate the public’s support of Mt. Timothy,” she said, adding it’s part of her motivation to support local suppliers and businesses. “The community supports us and we want to support the community.”

For more information about Mt. Timothy Ski Hill, visit, like Mt. Timothy Ski Hill on Facebook, or phone (250) 396-4095.

LeRae Haynes is a freelance writer, song writer, community co-ordinator for Success by 6, member of Perfect Match dance band, and instigator of lots of music with kids.


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