It's just you and me kid. Photo: Mark Rupp
It’s just you and me kid. Photo: Mark Rupp

By Terri Smith –

Next week, Amadeus’ brother and mother will be going to a new home. It’s going to be strange to now only have one dog, one cat, and one goat. But once again, this is better for Amadeus and for us. Just a few days ago I watched as Amadeus’ brother head-butted him hard enough that Amadeus fell and rolled right onto his back. He was near the fence, and as he fell his horns tangled in the page-wire. He struggled to get up, but couldn’t. Fortunately, I was there to untangle him and help him to his feet, but I shuddered to think what would have happened if I hadn’t been nearby.

So, yet again I am downsizing, and soon I shall have only three animals left from my original menagerie of many. There is always a sense of failure, I find, when I need to re-home an animal. But sometimes it really is for the best for everyone. Most of these animals were not my idea in the first place. As I have said many times, I never wanted to own goats. This whole herd was part of the misguided idyllic vision of my original farming partner. I think that a great many people have ended up with goats in much the same way. Baby goats are some of the cutest things ever, and goats themselves are quirky and mischievous, and seem like a good idea. But once they arrive at your home and you spend half your time trying and failing to outsmart them, you soon realize that it might be a good idea to find them a new home. They say there are two types of people: those who want goats, and those who have had goats. I have a theory that goat owners are actually among the bunch that don’t really like goats, but they pretend to everyone they know that they are absolutely enamoured with them so that they can pass them off on the unwitting.

“No, really, I love goats! Goats are the best!! No problem at all! (so long as you have a fence that contains water).” I can be honest now about goats, because I no longer have goats who need homes. Goats are awful! They are impossible to contain. They eat everything in your yard that you love, and turn up their noses at the plants you would like them to eat.

Wow, how liberating to finally be able to speak the truth. Don’t get goats! You will regret it! They will hold a disco on the hood of your car; they will eat your garden, they will try to invade your house – and they cannot be house-trained – they will freak out your religious relatives with their creepy eyes (although this might be a good thing depending on how you how you feel about said relatives).

If you do get goats, might I recommend one like Amadeus? Amadeus can’t jump, and he can’t get around very quickly. Consequently, he is easy to contain and a pleasure to be around. So now you know the truth: I don’t really like goats, but I do so love Amadeus!

Terri Smith is a non-certified organic vegetable farmer in the Cariboo. She is passionate about writing, art, goats, and feeding good food to good people. She believes in following your heart, living your dreams, and taking care of the planet.






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