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If we’re living in the fast lane, constantly checking our emails, Tweets, and Facebook messages, we may not realize our growing dependence on electronic gadgets is actually taking us further and further away from what we really want and who we really are. As electromagnetic beings, we resonate and interact with the Earth’s electromagnetic fields, which exert a grounding, healing, and restorative effect on our bodies, minds, and spirits. However, the proliferation of humanmade electromagnetic radiation in our environment is upsetting this delicate balance.

Photo: Gregory Lee
Photo: Gregory Lee

Millions of people are being affected by microwave radiation from WiFi, cell towers, cell/cordless phones, and other wireless devices. A sensitivity to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) (referred to as electromagnetic hypersensitivity [EHS] and electro-sensitivity) is causing an explosion of physical conditions, cancers, and neurological disorders. Even though countless scientific studies confirm the harmful biological effects of EMFs, our industry-friendly governments refuse to openly acknowledge them.

What electro-sensitivity represents
Electro-sensitivity is a biologically verifiable reaction that occurs at the cellular level, affecting the blood and, potentially, every part of the body. It can cause insomnia, anxiety, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), headaches, brain fog, neurological disorders, strokes, heart attacks, infertility, DNA damage, and cancers. Some scientists say as much as 50 per cent of the population in most developed countries will be feeling the effects of radiation this year.

How much we are affected depends on our resilience, degree and duration of exposure, stress levels, genetics, and other factors. Many individuals seem unaffected (or are unaware of being affected) and dismiss electro-sensitivity as invalid.

Yet, according to EHS specialist Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe, these effects occur even in those not experiencing symptoms, and many of us may be electro-sensitive without realizing it. “Everybody has the potential to become electro-hypersensitive [since] every cell in our body, in our brain, or nervous system is dependent on electrical signals,” she said.

Beyond this physical reality, however, there’s a deeper truth: irradiation of our global environment is the inevitable outcome of focusing on technology at the expense of our well-being, and failing to make healthy choices, in harmony with nature.

Electro-sensitivity could therefore be seen as a push to correct this imbalance—within ourselves, by healing our bodies and emotional dysfunction, and in our world, by reclaiming the autonomy and personal responsibility we have surrendered to governments, industry, and those exploiting our environment. Having abdicated responsibility for key aspects of our existence, many of us are now losing control over our bodies as well as our environments—and never has the inextricable connection between the two been more alarmingly clear.

If we look around us, we can see what we have lost. Non-stop connectivity disrupts sleep, fragments families, undermines personal relationships, disregards personal boundaries, creates addictions and disease, promotes neediness and self-loathing, and prevents us from ever truly being at peace or connecting with our deeper selves in the pursuit of what matters most. It’s also undermining our natural environment, affecting plant and animal life, as well as crops and the pollinating bees upon which our food supply depends.

Addressing climate change, adopting sustainability policies, levying carbon taxes—none of these external measures will change us, the perpetrators of the damage that prompts these efforts. Electro-sensitivity challenges us to revert to a healthy reverence for ourselves and our planet. We need to reconnect with our deeper selves and with each other; we must make healthier choices and boundaries; and, we must reclaim the power that we have surrendered to governments, industry, and others.

Personal evolution versus digital revolution
Regaining our autonomy and humanity requires reclaiming our voice, our self-responsibility, and our spiritual sovereignty. It also means separating ourselves from the environment that harmed us and in which we became disconnected, so that we can heal our bodies and re-connect with our natural environment, inside and out. Only by disconnecting from the world of non-stop connectivity can we begin to see how disconnected we have become. And only by reuniting with our true nature, in nature, will we see how much of ourselves has gone ‘offline’.

1. Finding our voice
A strong voice, backed by assertive action, emboldens us and enhances our self-worth. When we hear ourselves speak the deeper truth, it changes us from the inside out. This is what our environment and other people represent for us—a way for us to hear and see ourselves being powerful, compassionate, inspired, eco-aware, creative, and everything else we can be as autonomous human beings.

In speaking with a strong voice, we must embrace the deeper truth of who we are and completely let go of the story that has been running our lives. Our story must change from one of ill-health, loss, and debilitation, to one of empowered self-mastery, positive focus, and renewed health and resilience. When we positively transform our story, we create healthy new neural pathways that reduce our negative expectations and cue the brain to begin restoring balance, which then reduces our anxiety and reactivity, helps to heal any trauma in the limbic brain, and makes us more physically resilient to invasive forces. This is not to say that microwave sickness/electro-sensitivity is not real. It most certainly is and it must ultimately be addressed by governments. In the meantime, however, if we keep telling our brain that the world is not safe, we remain in an alarmed, defensive state. In this mode, we become our own worst enemies, living in a state of perpetual fear and battle-readiness that weakens our immune system, kills our hopes, and diminishes our capacity for healing. If, instead, we affirm that we are strong, resilient, and healthy, that we love being in our body, and that we are always safe, we can train our brain to increasingly protect and revitalize us—while doing all we can to create a natural, low-EMF environment that supports our holistic health.

We must also accept responsibility for our daily choices, the things we do to either enrich or deplete ourselves and our natural resources, and how we have inadvertently contributed to the radiation-riddled lifestyle that is harming all forms of life and making so many of us ill.

2. Separating ourselves from what separates us
We must find a safe place to live, away from radiation. It could be a trailer, a boat, a cabin in the woods, or a small single dwelling that we can shield against microwave radiation. Many of those with electro-sensitivity live in apartment buildings surrounded by neighbours with WiFi and other sources of microwave radiation. This is not conducive to healing or healthy self-worth, and saying no to it may be the first step in saying yes to healing ourselves.

Finding a low-EMF place to live gives our bodies a chance to recover. Unless we can prevent ongoing over-stimulation, triggering, and stressing of our nervous systems, we cannot sleep properly, relax, heal, or let go of our fear. We must summon the courage, positive intent, and determination to heal. We must create a healing sanctuary as we practise engaging our strong voice, re-writing our story, re-wiring our brains, and anticipating a strong comeback into a human-friendly environment that welcomes, hears, and respects us.

Telling a new story
To do this, we can apply the principles of quantum physics. Since our thoughts are electrical and our feelings have magnetism, our particular electromagnetic frequency has a very real impact on our circumstances. Studies of quantum physics have revealed that, using our electromagnetism, we can literally change our reality. By projecting a vision of an ideal reality and by feeding that vision with joy and gratitude, we can create changes that do not require our governments’ permission or support. We can tell a new story that affirms our essential humanity, while engaging our higher faculties to bring about the environment we want.

Electro-sensitivity needs to be seen for what it really is—an early-warning system for humankind and a call to embrace our spiritual and emotional selves in developing a sustainable, balanced, healthy way of life. As electro-sensitive individuals, our challenge is therefore not to somehow survive, but to be the lamplighters of a new way of living that integrates our essential humanity, creativity, and brainpower with a passion for human betterment, the engagement of our spiritual faculties, and a profound respect for our natural world.

Olga Sheean is an author, relationship counsellor, and empowerment trainer specializing in human dynamics and holistic healthy living. She also helps empower those affected by EMFs, offering practical information, guidance, and support. See


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