Rocky Mountain Books is pleased to announce its new titles for Fall 2020, featuring Canadian stories covering a broad spectrum of nature, storytelling, and outdoor adventure. RMB is proud to offer a diverse list of titles by authors creating memorable books that captivate readers and inspire us all to “Think Outside.”

Takaya: Lone Wolf
By Cheryl Alexander

An enchanting and evocative look at the unique relationship between a solitary, island-dwelling wolf and a renowned wildlife photographer. Through journal entries, interviews, and a stunning collection of photography, Takaya: Lone Wolf addresses a number of profound questions and tells a story that is certain to inspire, enlighten, and touch the heart. It is the story of a wild animal, alone yet at peace.

What Bears Teach Us
Text by Sarah Elmeligi; Photography by John E. Marriott

A lavishly illustrated book that explores the complex behavioural characteristics of North America’s largest land carnivores by examining the bear–human relationship from the bear’s perspective. Join Elmeligi and Marriott on a journey that examines and shares the behaviour of black, grizzly, and polar bears in North America in a way you’ve never seen before.

Out Here: Wisdom from the Wilderness
By Carolyn Highland

Out Here is a collection of essays that explores what the wilderness has to teach us about the human experience, using outdoor endeavours as extended metaphors for greater truths. Highland’s book inspires a deeper connection to the wilderness and a deeper connection to ourselves and will leave readers wanting more from this fresh new voice in mountain writing.

Paradise Won: The Struggle to Create Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve
By Elizabeth May

Originally published in 1990, Paradise Won has been updated and details the epic 12-year struggle to stop logging in the unique global ecosystem referred to as “Canada’s Galapagos.” This updated edition of Paradise Won includes a new foreword by the author and will bring back into focus this remarkable story of the power and importance of Indigenous rights and how activism can spur average citizens to action in order to fight climate change and protect fragile ecosystems everywhere.

A Story of Karma: Finding Love and Truth in the Lost Valley of the Himalaya
By Michael Schauch

A deeply personal travel memoir that combines alpine adventure, family connections, and spiritual encounters in two very different worlds: a Himalayan village and Vancouver, Canada. What unfolded in the Himalaya forced him to question his values and his own identity, and eventually resulted in meeting a little girl, which was the most profound encounter of his life. A Story of Karma recounts this journey, and the years that follow as Karma (the little girl), and Michael and Chantal grow their lives together amidst the confusing dichotomies and backdrop of Karma’s 17th-century Himalayan village, the impoverished and polluted Kathmandu, and the modern world of Vancouver, Canada.

Our Trip Around the World
By Renate Belczyk

A spirited 1950s travelogue that takes the reader around the world during a time when two independent young women travelling alone was considered almost revolutionary. Our Trip Around the World is an endearing snapshot of the post-war era when adventure trave—mountaineering, hiking, hitchhiking, and cycling—was enticing those with adventurous spirits to experience the world like never before.

The Third Dive: An Investigation into the Death of Rob Stewart
By Robert Osborne

Based on the provocative film documentary of the same name, The Third Dive investigates the shocking death of a world-renowned conservation activist. Through interviews and investigative reporting, The Third Dive is a compelling read that attempts to uncover the mysterious and disturbing circumstances surrounding Rob Stewart’s untimely death.

Turn the page and take your first step into the wild with award-winning outdoor, adventure, and travel books by RMB All RMB titles will be available this fall through local, independent bookstore, The Open Book in Williams Lake. Visit the online store to place your order at, call 250-392-2665, or visit The Open Book on Facebook.


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