Salmon Dream


Last night I had the strangest dream

I ever had before

I dreamed the salmon all over the world

Were coming home no more


And the river no longer ran with red

When the aspens turned to gold

The children no longer leaned over the bridge

A miracle to behold


Like the miracle of the mystery

Of how the hell do they know

How to find their way back to the place they were spawned

Their whole lifetime ago


Turns out they could smell the water that flowed

Over rocks in their spawning ground’s bed

And they followed that smell back to where they began

In a nest that’s known as a redd


Their moms used their powerful side-to-side tails

To sweep gravel and stones aside

Then they laid down their eggs, and laid down their cares,

Let go of their struggles and died


The life that flowed out of their bodies that day

Leached into the water, then trees

Took it up in their roots and grew up to the sky

And gave oxygen away on the breeze


Then the bears dragged the carcasses into the woods

Trailing nutrients into the ground

Ocean fed forest and forest fed sky

And rain brought the circle around


The people that fished here for 10,000 years

On the banks of the river they wait

With their hands at their sides and their nets in their hands

Wond’ring why are the salmon so late?


With smoking wood ready and drying racks hung

For protein to see them to spring

If the salmon don’t come, hungry songs will be sung

& who knows what the winter will bring?


The bears and the eagles stood by the people’s side

Patiently watching downstream

When no silver flashing came toward them they cried

And I woke from my very sad dream


Then I sat up in bed, raised my hands to my head

And vowed that in all that I do

I’ll care for the salmon and the world that they need

So my sad dream will never come true.


Go to

And find out how to live your life

So the salmon can too

And you’ll also benefit trout


So remember whenever you’ve salmon in your mouth

To give thanks for the miracle food

That grows itself in the ocean to the south

And delivers itself to the mountains



– By Jenny Noble –





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