By Tera Grady –

If you frequent the Central Cariboo Transfer Station on Frizzi Road in Williams Lake, you will know that the site houses a couple of Share Sheds for residents to drop off and pick up items free of charge. Loved by many, these Share Sheds are a great way to encourage waste diversion, re-use, repurposing, and recycling.


Over the years, these two Share Sheds have seen a number of different management styles, and we have just entered into another phase. As the site supervisor likes to put it, “they are the Share Sheds for the people, by the people,” meaning that site staff are no longer actively “policing” the use of the sheds. The Share Sheds do not generate any revenue for the site and they are not stores, so tax dollars pay for their operation. Many Share Sheds or re-use centers in other jurisdictions charge for items and some even charge for drop-off. We would like to keep these sheds free, but that means users need to do their part.

You can help in many ways. For instance, lend a hand to tidy up as you browse, or make sure you drop items off inside the Share Sheds, rather than outside. Recycle electronics and small appliances at Mica Ventures located at 405 Mackenzie Avenue (formerly BeeLine) as they are not accepted at the Share Sheds.

If you have electronics, appliances, or mattresses that are still in good condition, please consider finding them a home with neighbours, friends, or family, as we cannot accept them at the Share Sheds. We cannot accept mattresses because of the chance of bed bugs. Large appliances are too large to handle at the site but you can drop them off at Williams Lake Scrap Metal on Frizzi Road. Additionally, electronics pile up so quickly that we are constantly transporting them away for recycling.

Drop off small scrap metal items in a bin onsite for recycling; these items generally do not belong in the Share Sheds. Drop off small knick-knacks in boxes to keep them contained and place clothing in clear bags, if possible.

Did you know that the Share Sheds receive so much clothing that we donate most of it directly directly to Big Brothers and Big Sisters? They can sell the clothing by the pound to Value Village in Kamloops to raise funds for their program.

Further, with the return home of evacuees to Williams Lake and area, there has been a significant influx of items dropped off at the Share Sheds, especially clothing. We would like to encourage residents to consider donating some of their items to thrift and second hand stores in the area. By donating to these businesses, residents are supporting local jobs and providing funds for charitable organizations who provide essential services to those in need.

Join the Cariboo Regional District in 2017 by resolving to become waste wise and make a difference.

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